Les Jouets

It’s good to be back home! Since sorting through vacation photos literally takes ages, I decided to share some of the simpler things for now. Above are the two leather keyrings I got from a street stand in Pisa. One of them is for a special friend.. shh.

I told you the Taro Gomi coloring book would come in handy. If you’ve done any pages yourself, I’d love to see them!

These marionettes were all over Italy. So cute! I wish I could’ve taken them all home. That wouldn’t be creepy, right? Instead I chose this one:

The polka dot bow tie was what won me over. If Pinocchio said his nose was about to grow, what would happen?

Found this dinosaur while we were stuck in a layover at Frankfurt, Germany. Just looking at him makes me smile. He’s my new favorite.

Speaking of favorites, I am a huge fan of Salvador Dalí. His full name is Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech. I’ve always been secretly jealous of people with insanely long names, since my full name, middle included, is only 9 letters. But I digress. Is it any coincidence that elephants are a recurring image in his works? Point is, I really like Salvador Dalí and elephants. I even chose to use one of his paintings in my blog header. Here it is in its entirety :

Les Eléphants, c. 1948

Amazing, huh. Apparently I’m not the only one in love with this painting. This guy here branded it on himself for life:

Not really a fan of most tattoos, but this one I approve. In short, I completely freaked when I saw this on a shelf. There was only one of them and I HAD to have it.

I’ve decided to name him Mingo, after one of Dalí’s several names [very original, I know]. He was tucked away in a tiny shop completely inspired by Surrealism. I have more pictures of all the amazing items there, but that’ll be in the next post.



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