Here’s the first set of pictures from our vacation. What incredible cities. Above is the main entrance to the Musée Océanographique in Monaco, where visitors are greeted by a giant octopus on the ceiling – very Jules Verne-esque. See how this tentacle wraps around a pillar while the other leads to the next room? I want something like this in my future house.

It’s always hard to get good pictures in an aquarium. The lights are always off, you can’t use flash because of the glass, the fish are always moving… except the sea snakes. They were all over getting their picture taken.

The Monte Carlo Casino. Featured in several top box-office movies, such as Iron Man 2 and James Bond: Casino Royale, to name a few. Not only is the building for gambling, it also includes an opera and ballet house. Before you plan on winning big here, consider this: Leave your kids at home! No one under the age of 18 can even enter the building. Also, the casino doesn’t open until pretty late in the afternoon, so plan accordingly. When you get there, they’ll have you check in your bags and camera – no pictures. And lastly, you have to pay an entrance fee to enter the gaming rooms. To get you in the losing spirit before you even start playing.

I’m not too crazy about pictures of typical tourist locations, but this one was too great to pass up. The only thing that would’ve completed my experience from the Colosseum in Rome? A live gladiator battle.. where is Russell Crowe when you actually need him.

To be honest, I have no idea who he is or what he does at the Vatican, I just thought his outfit was really cute.

A candid shot of the best tour guide ever, Giuseppe. We were all amazed at how well he knew his way around Pompeii. If you are going anytime soon, bring a couple of dog treats. There are strays everywhere that literally live off of snacks from tourists.

A beautiful waitress carrying one basket full of bread, and four delicious drinks. I forgot what they were called, but they’re supposed to be traditional Sicilian drinks.. any ideas?

Have a great week!


7 responses to “Europe.1

  1. What a wonderful vacation! So jealous that you got to visit Europe. I wouldn’t mind living in that mime box. And he gets paid, too!

  2. Great pictures, I look forward to the next batch. The man in the cute uniform is a Papal Swiss Guard.

  3. What beautiful pictures – all of them are just bursting with colour! It looks like you did quite the tour of Southern Europe, I’ve been aching to see Pompeii and Sicily but so far I’ve never gone south of Rome.

  4. Fantastic photos. Being a fish enthusiast I love the aquarium shots but I also really like the one with the bubbles. You’ve done a great job on those because bubbles are hard to photograph!

    My favourite shot, however, is the one of the nun in the church. You’ve captured the solemnity and serenity of the moment. Great job!


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