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Here’s the first set of pictures from our vacation. What incredible cities. Above is the main entrance to the Musée Océanographique in Monaco, where visitors are greeted by a giant octopus on the ceiling – very Jules Verne-esque. See how this tentacle wraps around a pillar while the other leads to the next room? I want something like this in my future house.

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Les Jouets

It’s good to be back home! Since sorting through vacation photos literally takes ages, I decided to share some of the simpler things for now. Above are the two leather keyrings I got from a street stand in Pisa. One of them is for a special friend.. shh.

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Cruise Control

It’s nice when a ship has its own water park.

Tomorrow, I leave for a two-week cruise. My family and I are so excited! We’ll be hitting up Spain, France, and Italy. Any tips for tourists? Of the three I’ve only been to Paris, and it’s not on our itinerary this time.

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